Helping Buyers


Every dollar counts. 

Our Advantage: 

We know the importance of having your offer stand out and getting it accepted, especially in in today's seller's market. We work with you to craft the perfect offer while still protecting your interests. 

Every deal has its unique challenges. We solve them. 

Our Advantage: 

Your DRU Advisor is not only your agent, but they are also your quarterback. Your DRU Advisor will manage all communication and needs between all the parties (the listing agent, escrow, title, the inspectors, lender, and others involved in the transaction) to ensure a smooth transaction with your best outcome always in mind. 

Through our experience of buying and renovation properties, we understand when items are a challenge or an easy fix. 

Our Advantage:

We have been buying and selling properties for the last 30 years and flipping properties for the last 11 years and counting. We will review inspection reports in detail, and assist you in gathering estimates, so that you are aware of any additional costs. We will advise you on negotiating repairs and credits, and we are not afraid to recommend for you to back out of a transaction if it's not the right property. We have your back. 

Close deals other buyers would wallk away from with the knowledge that the couple cosmetic repairs you want to make won't break the bank.

Our advantage:

We can cost out cosmetic repairs and other repairs through our preferred vendors, and assist you in your remodeling needs when you buy a cosmetic fixer. Don't let ugly tile, paint, or flooring keep you from moving forward on almost the perfect home. 

Do you need additional assistance on a tricky transaction?

Our Advantage:

Our in-house general council, Greene, Filder, & Chaplan, LLP, is here to assist you when a transaction gets difficult. Our broker, a founding member of GFC, is also a leading voice in the industy on real estate law and involved in the training of our DRU Advisors. 

So while agents are NOT attorneys and do not offer any legal advice, they are trained to know when to seak the advice of one to protect their client's needs.